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Who Won the Read-a-Thon?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 2021 Read-a-Thon a resounding success!

On Friday, October 15, Ms. Betson announced the winners of the 2021 Read-a-Thon in a fun series of outdoor assemblies. Here’s the breakdown: Overview:

Total money raised: $24,533!!! (shattering last year's record of $14,067)

Number of students who participated: 196 (doubling last year's total!)

Total minutes read: 130,271 Number of students who read more than 1,000 minutes: 31

Most minutes read:


1st place: Xavier Saephan (2nd grade) — 2,902 minutes

2nd place: Mia Maissin (1st grade) — 2,122 minutes

3rd place: Daviel Dorman Barrera (2nd grade) — 1,125 minutes


1st place: Amelia Witte (5th grade) — 4,505 minutes

2nd place: Jacob Conner (5th grade) — 3,650 minutes

3rd place: Henry Pulupa (5th grade) — 3,390 minutes


1st place: Hao-Yi (Curtis) Beh (6th grade) — 3,915 minutes

2nd place: Goe Avalos (6th grade) — 2,610 minutes

3rd place: Dennise Ramirez (6th grade) — 2,608 minutes Winning classes:

K-2: Gonzalez-Hoy (2nd grade) — 6,942 minutes

3-5: McLachlan (3rd grade) — 14,329 minutes

6-8: Chen (6th grade) — 16,745 minutes Reading prizes: • First-place winners get a Pegasus Bookstore gift card! • Second-place winners get a Mira Vista hat! • Third place winners get Mira Vista swag! • Each winning class wins an outdoor pizza party!

Most pledges:

1st place: Olimpia Mays-Davidman (1st grade) — 17 pledges

2nd place: Owen Schneider (1st grade) — 16 pledges

3rd place (tie): Tamina San Luis (Kindergarten) — 14 pledges and Elodie Weintraub (1st grade) — 14 pledges


  • To the families who supported and encouraged their children, both in spirit and through pledges.

  • To Ms. Betson and the teachers for promoting the Read-a-thon and collecting reading logs and pledges.

  • To Ms. Marilyn for helping spread the word.

  • To the volunteers who created materials, promoted the event, and input and compiled the results.

  • To Pegasus Bookstore and the Mira Vista Spirit Wear committee for donating the prizes.

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