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The Great Mira Vista Costume Sale!!

This year, 5th Grade Parents will be hosting a costume sale to raise money for

our 5th grade Nature Bridge trip.

Please consider donating your gently used and clean costumes to us to be resold on October 2nd.

Our goal is to collect 100 costumes to sell. It is a big goal, but we can do it!

For Donations: From Sept. 1st-30th, Please bring your gently used and clean costumes in a bag to the lower parking lot and place them in the donation box before school starts. The donation box will be clearly marked with Halloween colors and signage. If you do not want to get out of your car, you can ask your child to drop the costumes in the box. If you want to arrange another way to get your costumes to us, please contact Elke Russell at to make arrangements. Volunteers: We need volunteers to stand with the box and help collect donations. All you need to do is stand by the box from 8:10-840am and make sure the collections go smoothly. We will collect the costumes from the box after that.

To sign up for a time slot, please add your name to this list, This is going to be a super fun event! Hope to see you all at our sale on October 2nd!

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