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What’s all the buzz about?

Reminder to fill out your educational benefits forms for your students. These forms are extremely important for Mira Vista to receive full funding. They take just a couple of minutes to complete!

Link to forms on PowerSchool:

Annual Forms - Video. Educational Benefit Forms - Video.

If you need help the school is happy to help, please contact: 504-231-1416


Recordatorio para completar sus formularios de beneficios educativos para sus estudiantes. Estos formularios son extremadamente importantes para que Mira Vista reciba la financiación completa. ¡Solo toman un par de minutos completarlos!

Enlace a formularios en PowerSchool:

Annual Forms - Video. Educational Benefit Forms - Video.

Si necesita ayuda, la escuela estará encantada de ayudarle, comuníquese con: 504-231-1416

Hey all, thanks to everyone who joined us a couple of weeks ago for our first IN-PERSON PTA Meeting in like 4 years?!

If you missed it here are some of the resources:

Updated: Sep 14

We're still looking for a few room parents, please sign up!


A Room Parent creates a sense of community among the families in the classroom, helps support the teacher, and helps disperse information about school events. A Room Parent is also a point of contact for questions parents may have that are not specifically for the teacher. A room parent is different from a classroom volunteer (which requires a volunteer badge!).


Contact our Mira Vista Room Parent Coordinator Susi Valenti

If you’re interested in volunteering in the classroom, or need more info on getting your volunteer badge please contact our school volunteer coordinator Marilyn Gwinn-Scott


Un Room Parent crea un sentido de comunidad entre las familias en el aula, ayuda a apoyar al maestro y ayuda a difundir información sobre los eventos escolares. Un padre de salón también es un punto de contacto para preguntas que los padres puedan tener y que no sean específicamente para el maestro. Un padre de salón es diferente de un voluntario de salón (¡lo cual requiere una insignia de voluntario!).


Comuníquese con nuestra coordinadora de padres del salón Mira Vista, Susi Valenti.

Si está interesado en ser voluntario en el salón de clases o necesita más información sobre cómo obtener su insignia de voluntario, comuníquese con nuestra coordinadora de voluntarios escolares Marilyn Gwinn-Scott

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