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New Covid-Testing Procedures

Please register your students before September 14!


A letter from WCCUSD Superintendent Kenneth Chris Hurst, regarding the district’s new Covid-testing partner, new registration procedures, and faster test results. September 11, 2021

Good afternoon WCCUSD community,

The safety and health of students and staff is our top priority. During the Covid-19 pandemic, getting the vaccine and weekly testing for staff and students is key in helping to slow the spread of the virus. I want to thank you for your patience as we work to implement new testing protocols for students and staff in WCCUSD.

We have listened to feedback from the community regarding Covid-19 response and testing, and have partnered with a new covid testing service that administers weekly rapid COVID-19 tests to students and staff.

During the Superintendent’s Report on September 8, we informed the Board and community that we made the decision to discontinue the contract with Predicine, Inc., and switched to a company better suited to fill our needs with rapid testing.

Laboratory Services of America (LSA) will start administering weekly rapid COVID-19 tests to students and staff on Monday, September 13. We know this is a quick turn around and we ask for your continued patience and flexibility.

The change to LSA will require everyone to complete a new ONE-TIME REGISTRATION PROCESS that can be done on a laptop, computer or mobile device. We know this is an inconvenience but the switch to the new company will provide us more timely results that will keep students and staff safe.

Once you have registered, students and staff will only provide their name and date of birth to receive a test on test day. VIEW THE SCHOOL TESTING SCHEDULE HERE.

Visit the covid testing registration and resources page on the district’s website that includes a how-to video, and instructions to register your student for a Covid test. The instructions are listed by school, as each school’s registration link and QR code is unique.

Please register your student as soon as you can. Testing with LSA is scheduled to begin on Monday and will provide us with more timely results. We need your partnership to keep us all safe. Please share the registration webpage with your school families, PTA’s, and social groups to raise awareness for all families and let them know that we are moving to a more efficient and safe testing process.

We know that you have many questions and concerns regarding covid testing and response time. In an effort to provide transparency and improve communication, the District created a FAQ to answer your questions. We will continue to update the FAQ as questions arise. We have also created a Covid-19 Dashboard that shows the confirmed positive cases at each school site. The dashboard is updated weekly and again reflects the confirmed positive cases.

The change to LSA will also help to improve and enhance our contact tracing process. We currently have a contact tracing team of LVN’s that works with school sites and Contra Costa County Health Services on confirmed positive cases. All confirmed positive cases are also reported to county health.

The District will host a live information session on Wednesday, September 15 at 5:30 p.m. on Facebook to discuss the new testing process and answer any questions that you have. To submit your questions at Here are a few questions to support you during the registration process.

What is the new system? Beginning Monday, September 13, the district has partnered with Laboratory Services of America (LSA) to administer weekly rapid COVID-19 tests to students and staff. These tests produce results in around 15 minutes and families will be notified of results within 15-30 minutes, which will significantly reduce the time to identify a positive test.

How do I register my student for testing and dashboard information? LSA provides a one time registration process online. Visit the Covid Testing webpage on the District’s website to locate the registration instructions for your school. Click on the link in the instructions to go to the website or use the QR code on your phone. This will also allow testing registration to be set up through the year and no other documentation will be needed for continued testing.

When you arrive for testing, you will be asked to provide your name and date of birth only.

View the dashboard on the District’s website to see the confirmed positive cases in WCCUSD.

How can I register if I cannot provide a social security number? If you are unable to provide a social security number, enter 000-00-0000 into the SSN line to move to the next step.

How often is testing? We are still testing every week. The testing schedule is now an appointment based system through LSA, which you can find here.

What if I am unable to register online? Contact your school’s front office if you need assistance with the LSA registration process.

What if my student tests positive for COVID-19? If a student produces a positive rapid test, it will be sent to the lab to undergo PCR testing to confirm. If the result remains positive, the parent/guardian, principal and district official will be notified immediately and COVID-19 protocols will begin, including isolation and the immediate pick up of your student.

This will help us to maintain an accurate and updated dashboard.

After quarantining for 10 days, students can return to school with no symptoms.

What are the quarantine protocols for close contacts? Anytime there is a positive case identified on site, close contacts will quarantine for 10 days. If the close contacts cannot be identified, all students in the class will quarantine for 10 days.

What if I want to place my child in a shortened quarantine? Shortened Quarantine can end after day 7, if a diagnostic specimen is collected on Day 5 or later from the date of last exposure and tests negative.

How do you identify a close contact? It’s zero to six feet with being around the person for 15 minutes or more in a 24 hour period. According to CDHP guidance.

Why are we no longer using modified quarantine: Modified quarantine requires students to test twice per week within the 10 day period. Due to the new rapid testing process and new company, the modified testing option is no longer needed.

Why is my Insurance needed? The medical record number is needed so the state verifies that you are testing a real person. This is to ensure that the company is performing ethical testing.

As provided by federal law[5], health plans and issuers must cover the cost of COVID-19 diagnostic tests without imposing any cost-sharing requirements (including deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance), prior authorization, or other medical management when the purpose of the testing is for individualized diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19. Further, health plans and issuers cannot require the presence of symptoms or a recent known or suspected exposure, or otherwise impose medical screening criteria on coverage of tests.

If you are having trouble accessing a COVID-19 test through your health plan or if you have any questions, please contact the Department of Managed Health Care Help Center at 1-888-466-2219 or visit the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) Help Center web page. Credit:

Why is the District removing a ‘modified quarantine’ from protocols? We have suspended modified quarantine at this time because we are unable to fulfill the twice per week testing requirements and we are moving to a new testing company. The District’s safety team believes the mandatory 10-day quarantine clarifies protocols moving forward.

What should I do next? Please continue to follow recommended COVID-19 guidelines, such as social distancing when applicable, wearing face coverings, washing your hands, and, if eligible, receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

Thank you for your partnership.

Sincerely, Kenneth Chris Hurst Superintendent


As Covid protocols evolve, we will keep our school’s Covid-information webpage updated with the latest information.

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