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Get Involved

​"If there is one thing educators can agree on, it's this: children do better in school when parents get involved in their learning". William Bennett

How can I volunteer my time?

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There are many ways to volunteer your time during school, or on your own schedule. 

Help out in your child's class- teachers need help with all sorts of projects, some of which can be done from home.  Ask your child's teacher how you can help! (Requires a volunteer badge)

Supervise a field trip- Teachers need chaperones to make field trips happen.  Check in with your teacher so see how to sign up. (Requires a volunteer badge)

Work in the library- We have an awesome group of parents who help out in our libraries and manage to keep them open most of the week.  You can volunteer to work a regular shift or help out when you are free.  Check in with the Library Coordinator to find out how you can help in our libraries.  

Help supervise recess or lunch duty- We have staff that supervise the recess yard and lunch room, but would always love more eyes to keep our kids safe. If you are interested in being hired for this position, please contact our Principal.

Join a committee - We have super fun committees to join, Art, Fall Festival, Garden, Spring Dance, and more!  This is a great way to meet other MV Families and expand your community.  Many times, projects can be done on your own time and meetings are usually in the evenings.  Kids are usually welcome to attend meetings as well.

Don't limit yourself to these ideas, if you think of another way to help, jump in there!  If you need help making it happen, reach out to your Teacher, our PTA President, or our Principal!  


Thank you for considering to volunteer.  The process to get a badge is easy but can take up to 30 days, so please don't wait.  You MUST get your volunteer badge if you wish to volunteer in the school or chaperone field trips.  Your badge is valid for the entire duration of your child's education with WCCUSD schools.   

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