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Readathon 2020: Winners Annoucement

Watch Ms. Betson announce the Readathon winners in this cute video!


• 94 students participated

• Total minutes read: 72,401

• 23 students read more than 1,000 minutes!

• Total money raised (as of 10/8/20): $14,067 — a new record!

Classes with most minutes read:

K-2: Ms. Gonzalez-Hoy’s class (2nd grade) with 5,465 minutes

3-5: Ms. Cotter-Aschoff’s class (4th/5th grade) with 12,794 minutes

6-8: Ms. Dennis’s class (7th grade) with 3,577 minutes

Prizes: Authors visit the winning classes via Zoom.

Students with most minutes read:


1st place: Mia Maissin, kindergarten (Ms. Johnson), 2105 minutes

2nd place: Theo Adler-Westervelt, 2nd grade (Ms. Gonzalez-Hoy), 1990 minutes

3rd place: Tsering Tso, 2nd grade (Ms. Gonzalez-Hoy), 1945 minutes


1st place: Maya Yosef, 4th/5th grade (Ms. Cotter-Aschoff), 5921 minutes

2nd place: Amelia Witte, 4th grade (Ms. Hoy), 5760 minutes

3rd place: Henry Pulupa, 4th/5th grade (Ms. Cotter-Aschoff), 3170 minutes


1st place: Anthony Conner, 7th grade (Ms. Dennis), 2000 minutes

2nd place: Olivia Walters, 6th grade (Ms. Phan), 1190 minutes

3rd place: Cade Rohan, 6th grade (Ms. Chen), 1065 minutes

Prizes: Pegasus Bookstore gift cards (1st place winners) and Mira Vista swag (2nd and 3rd place).

Students with most pledges:

1st place (three-way tie!):

Anthony Conner, 7th grade (Ms. Dennis), 27 pledges

Thomas Conner, 5th grade (Mr. Carson), 27 pledges

Jacob Conner, 4th grade (Ms. Hoy), 27 pledges

2nd place: Avery Macolino, 3rd grade (Ms. McLachlan), 19 pledges

3rd place: Olimpia Mays-Davidman, kindergarten( Ms. Morensbak), 18 pledges

Prizes: Mira Vista spirit wear.

Thank you!

  • The families who supported and encouraged their children, both in spirit and through pledges.

  • The teachers for promoting the Readathon and helping the students submit their reading logs.

  • Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Betson for helping spread the word.

  • The volunteers who created materials, promoted the event, and input and compiled the results.

  • Authors Mitali Perkins, Annie Barrows, and Jesse Byrd for visiting the winning classes.

  • Pegasus Bookstore and the Mira Vista Spirit Wear committee for donating the prizes.


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