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Look Who’s Walking: The Walk-a-Thon Is Back!

On April 14 and 15, our students will walk (and run, skip, dance, and climb) to support physical enrichment at Mira Vista!

Support our students as they walk, run, jog, skip, dance, and climb through our obstacle course on April 14 and 15! The Walk-a-Thon is an exciting event that promotes fitness and fun — and all funds raised will help bring PlayWorks back to Mira Vista. Please consider donating — every little bit counts!

What is the Walk-a-Thon? It's a combination of a fundraiser and fitness event. Traditionally, the kids walk or run laps around a track/field/blacktop at school for a fixed period of time and get sponsors to pledge money for each lap they complete, with the kids who do the most laps winning prizes. This year, at Mira Vista, we are focused more on promoting fitness and fun and healthy choices. We are fundraising through flat donations and encouraging the kids to participate in three activities: a walk/run circuit, a dance area, and an obstacle course. All students will receive a little prize bag for participating, and everyone who participated will be entered in a drawing to win additional prizes. We're trying to make fitness fun and show that there are lots of ways to be active.

How Can I Donate? Donate at Once on the PledgeStar site, you can register your students for the Walk-a-thon and send out donation requests to family and friends. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and will only take a minute:

1) Add your student/s

2) Add yourself as a donor to receive a donation request and make your own pledge. (After adding yourself, you’ll be given options to donate now and share the donation link social media.)

3) Share! Add family and friends to send them donation requests by email or text. Or post a donation request on social media. (The link for sharing is listed under the “Share On Social Media And Other Ways” section.)

What is PlayWorks? PlayWorks is an Oakland-based nonprofit that was founded 25 years ago and has served more than 2 million kids across 3,200+ school partnerships. They provide on-site physical activities for all students, and focus on improving children’s physical health and social and emotional learning through the power of play. The program also includes a leadership-training component for older students, and opportunities for intramural sports. We previously had PlayWorks at Mira Vista, but the district funding for the program was cut several years ago, so the PTA is fundraising to bring it back. PlayWorks not only supports physical activity through play, but is also scientifically proven to increase attentiveness and engagement post-recess back in the classroom, while also promoting teamwork, inclusion, conflict-resolution techniques, and is shown to significantly reduce bullying. So what are you waiting for? Click here to sponsor your student for the Walk-a-thon today!


BONUS PRIZES AND DISCOUNTS! Sports Basement and El Cerrito Martial Arts are generously donating prizes for the Walk-a-Thon this year. And Sports Basement is offering 20% off to anyone who shows the below flyer in-store (via smartphone), or enters the discount code (on the flyer) online from between April 9 and 17.

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