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About US

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” —Oprah Winfrey 
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Mira Vista School is a K–8th grade school within the West Contra Costa School District. We have great teachers, an engaged and active principal, and an incredible community of parents—all of whom are advocates for the education of our K–8 students.

Mira Vista offers:

  • Unparalleled diversity

  • Rising test scores

  • Nature Bridge environmental-education program

  • A seismically retrofitted, architecturally significant campus

  • Two working vegetable gardens

  • A robust Arts and Science program

    A welcoming and active parent community


As our school continues to grow, our PTA energetically oversees school activities, events, and fundraising. We welcome the ongoing contributions of all members of our school community.

Fun Mira Vista History

Mira Vista School has one of the most beautiful campuses in the area. With sweeping views of Mt. Tamalpais, the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and the Bay, the school was designed in 1951 to “roll down the hillside” by renowned architect John Warnecke, who went on to design John F. Kennedy’s Eternal Flame memorial grave site at Arlington National Cemetery.

According to an LA Times article, Warnecke  was considered a “pioneer of contextual architecture, an approach that considers how a building will fit into its environment. Warnecke gained early national media attention in 1952 for his design of Mira Vista Elementary School.”

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“He stepped the buildings down a hillside, and the result was it almost duplicated the mountains behind it,” said Harold Adams, an architect who worked with Warnecke in the 1960s. ”He was a modernist who recognized the importance of contextualism,” Adams said. “He had a very successful career building buildings of all scales all over the world.” (read full article)


Mira Vista added grade 7 to its class roster in 2010 and graduated its first 8th grade class in 2012, creating greater educational opportunity for the surrounding community.

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