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Welcome to Kindergarten

Download this sign for your first day of school pic!(pdf)

We will be adding a letter from the teachers to explain the details of what to expect on the first day of Kindergarten on August 1st.

You may be wondering where you can park on the first day of school.  The best places to park are either in the large lot below the kindergarten yard, or on Hazel or Mira Vista Avenues. There is also a small lot at the end of Claremont Avenue. There is no parking in the circle—it is for staff only. Pick-up or drop-off at the circle is not allowed. Walking to school and carpooling are encouraged!

Keep in mind that the first day of school is very busy in the parking lot and on the streets getting to school. Arrive early and enjoy a cup of coffee at the PTA hospitality table near the kindergarten rooms.

A great way to meet some families and get the kids acquainted is to attend our Incoming Kindergarten Playdate on August 12th at 1pm at the Mira Vista Kindergarten play yard.  We would love to see you there!