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Who We Are

The Mira Vista PTA is a large and passionate group of parents, teachers, and staff who care about the health and well being of every child in the school.

Your 2016-2017 PTA Board

President Joe Shaughnessy president@miravistaschool.com
Executive Vice President Amy Keyishian vicepresident@miravistaschool.com
Vice President for Middle School   Lisa Muller msvicepresident@miravistaschool.com
Treasurer Michelle Covey treasurer@miravistaschool.com
Financial Secretary Rebecca Reed treasurer@miravistaschool.com
Secretary Shazzy Khorsandi secretary@miravistaschool.com
Parliamentarian open

Committee Chairs

Membership  open membership@miravistaschool.com
Fundraising    open fundraising@miravistaschool.com
Communication Gareth Walters communications@miravistaschool.com
Art Amber Avalos art@miravistaschool.com
HECK (Healthy Eating Choices for Kids)  Arin Dahl and Shazzy Khorsandi heck@miravistaschool.com
Music Paul Allen music@miravistaschool.com
Grants Loic Commoli grants@miravistaschool.com
Kindergarten Tours Amy Keyeshian tours@miravistaschool.com
Gardens Toni Mohr gardens@miravistaschool.com