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Kindergarten FAQs

Beginning school is exciting and amazing, opening up your child to a whole new world of knowledge, customs, and interactions. We know new parents are full of questions and concerns. The PTA, together with our kindergarten teachers, has put together this page to help address some of your questions.

When does registration begin?
Please see our registration page for current registration dates. Please bring your completed materials to the school during office hours (9–3 pm, closed 12–1 for lunch). For more information, see our registration page.

What is the kindergarten age cutoff?
Children must be 5 years of age on or before September 1 of the year they start kindergarten to be enrolled. Please double-check the dates on our registration page.

What are the hours for kindergarten?
Mira Vista offers a full-day kindergarten model. Kindergarten dismissal is at 2:00 pm, except for Wednesdays and posted minimum days, when dismissal time is 1:30 pm. Kindergarten classes have a 15-minute snack break and lunch time every day.

How many kindergarten classes are there at Mira Vista?
There are currently three kindergarten classes. Individual daily activity schedules vary by teacher. Class sizes are dependent on district mandates. At Mira Vista, we have very strong parent volunteer involvement, and we aim to have parent volunteers daily in classrooms.

The kindergarten area has a separate, fenced play area and structure designated only for kindergarten students.

Do I need to pack a snack for my child?
Please pack a small snack for your child in his or her backpack. Snacks should be healthy (no candy or soda allowed). Snack time is only 15 minutes long, so please pack a snack that can be consumed in that time. Fruit, yogurt, cereal bars, baby carrots, and string cheese are great choices.

Are there free lunches?
Yes, please see this page on the district website.

What time can I drop my child off at school?
Children should not arrive at school before 8:00; there is no supervision before then. The bell rings at 8:15, at which time students line up in front of their classroom.

What are the pick-up procedures?
Kindergarten ends at 2 pm (1:30 on Wednesdays and minimum days). Students must be picked up from the kindergarten yard by a parent, guardian, or caregiver. Any student not picked up on time will be escorted to the office.

Where can we park?
In the large lot below the kindergarten yard, or on Hazel or Mira Vista Avenues. There is also a small lot at the end of Claremont Avenue. There is no parking in the circle—it is for staff only. Pick-up or drop-off at the circle is not allowed. Walking to school and carpooling are encouraged!

Keep in mind that the first day of school is very busy in the parking lot and on the streets getting to school. Arrive early and enjoy a cup of coffee at the PTA hospitality table near the kindergarten rooms.

What happens if my child is late for school or absent?
Please make sure your child is on time and in school every day! If your child is late, you must sign him or her in at the office and get a tardy slip. If your child must be absent, please send a note to the teacher upon your child’s return explaining the absence.

What do I need to do if my child has to leave school early?
You will need to sign your child out of school. Please do not go to the classroom. Once you have signed your child out at the office, the staff will notify the teacher, and your child will be sent to the office.

For more information, see our Kindergarten Resources section.