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Your teachers—and gardens—need you!

Spring has sprung, and our teachers would LOVE to take their classes out for lessons in the gardens, but they can’t do it without a parent garden volunteer.[spacer height=”20px”] How can you help? Join your teachers in the gardens on Fridays from 1 to 2:20 p.m. and watch your child’s love for nature grow.[spacer height=”20px”]

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Making Responsible Digital Citizens

Ms. Spafford, Mira Vista’s Tech Teacher Leader, has posted a DonorsChoose project to help her first-graders, and by extension the entire school, become responsible internet users.

Sound impressive? It is, and it’s easier than it sounds. The classroom needs two iPad Minis. When this class has learned how to navigate digital media safely and appropriately,

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First-graders need to sit down and chill

Hey, Ms. Janora has a fantastic DonorsChoose project up right now. Her students need a new rug to sit on while they read, work, and play and also a mini fridge to store garden produce and other healthy snacks.

Click the link and drop a few bucks on her class, or share it with your

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'Tis the season for holiday giving...

…by which we mean the tax year is nearly over, and you may be thinking of how to make a charitable, tax-deductible gift to a worthy cause. DonorsChoose.org is a good one; it’s accountable, transparent, and helps teachers help kids all over the country.

Mira Vista currently has the following three projects up on Donors

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Lights! Camera! Donate!

Ms. Spafford’s first-grade class is raising funds for equipment to create, edit, and show movies. The link is here.

Donate now and enter the promo code SPARK to double your gift. (This offer expires November 3, so don’t procrastinate.) Tell your extended family! If your employer has a matching program, let your HR representative know.

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Help DonorsChoose help our first-graders!

Mrs. Janora’s first grade class has a project up on DonorsChoose. They need card games and journals to help them learn and remember new sight words, a poster of the solar system, and a printer in the classroom so Mrs. Janora can create Common Core worksheets that address her students’ specific skills and challenges.


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