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Playdates for Incoming Kindergarten Class

Welcome, all incoming Mira Vista kindergarten students and parents!

The Mira Vista PTA has organized monthly playdates for all incoming kindergarteners to play together and get to know each other before the start of school.

Hope you and your almost-kinder kid will be able to join us at all or any of the following playdates.

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Back to School Night

This Thursday, September 10, is Back to School Night. Parents, this is your opportunity to visit your child’s teacher(s) and get an idea of what to expect for the year.

The evening begins at 6:30 pm in the multipurpose room, where you will hear from Principal Chilcott and the PTA leadership. At 7 pm, parents

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It's coming...

The first day of school will be here before you know it—are you ready? We are working hard to update the website for the coming school year, so please check back often, or better yet, sign up for email updates on the sidebar to the right.

Have you checked the garden blog lately? Thanks to

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Back to School Night 6:30 pm

Please come to Back to School Night, Thursday September 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm. There will be a short talk by Principal Chilcott and the PTA and then on to the classrooms so your child’s teachers can present the class plan for the year.

Today is a minimum day Bake Sale to benefit middle school

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What Kids Need for a Successful School Year

Mira Vista families, we’ve made it halfway through the second week of school! Take a break from the Staples and Target runs (don’t forget those earthquake kits!) and enjoy this article.

10 Back to School Supplies That Money Can’t Buy

Ten Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

From Today.com, some advice from teachers and principals for a successful school year.

PTA Resources for Back to School

The California State PTA has developed the following parent resource guides in partnership with the National Education Association.

Successful Kindergarten Transition Helping Your Child Learn To Read Preparing Your Child for School Raising Scientifically Literate Children Help Your Teen Get the Most Out of High School

Additional Resources

Learn more about the new state standards

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September 2011 Calendar and the Daily Schedule

Here is the September 2011 School Calendar (PDF)

Happy September 1st!

Fun fact: Did you know that in Britain, it’s traditional and considered good luck to say “Rabbits” on the first day of the month? Altogether now…”Rabbits!”

Let’s not forget the rest of the days though. They may not be tied to bunnies or folklore,

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Let’s teach our kids how to save heirloom seeds

One of the many cool aspects to Mira Vista is the fabulous garden with a million dollar view. So, I was a little surprised to learn that its parents and a couple of teachers that do most of the work

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blogs, email and a Commodore 64?

Being a new blogger, I kind of feel like the first time I walked into a computer lab in college. Never before having used anything but a Commodore 64, the lab at CSU Fresno was open all night and home to a host of geeky college students, doing all kids of things online, but definitely

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