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Band and Orchestra

Mira Vista has a district-run band program. We offer instrumental instruction to students from grades 4 to 8. Our instructor, Jane Magid, is an experienced music director and teacher. She taught at Mira Vista several years ago with WCCUSD and then was also hired by the PTA to teach band classes for several years until the district reopened our program in 2013.

All band classes are taught in the portable on the lower yard by the basketball courts, Room 28. There is no fee to join. Any students wishing to take band need to fill out the parent consent form available in the front office. Instrument choices include flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, French horn, sax, tuba, and percussion. There is a limited supply of district instruments available.

Students in our program have several opportunities to perform, including two school concerts put on by the PTA (Winter Concert and Spring Concert)  as well as district-wide concerts.

4th- and 5th-Grade Band
Ms. Magid teaches a pull-out program for fourth- and fifth-graders who wish to learn an instrument. These beginner band classes are taught Mondays and Thursdays during the school day. They are taught as instrument sectionals—all kids interested in woodwinds have class at one time, and brass players have class at a different time. This gives our students a chance to learn their instrument before they start to play in a multi-instrument ensemble.

Middle School Beginning Band
Ms. Magid also teaches our middle school beginning band, which is a multi-instrument ensemble. This class is taught as an elective during Period 8 (after school). This is for students who have never played before or have played less than one full year.

Middle School Advanced Band
Advanced band is offered as an elective during 6th period, the last class of the regular school day. This class is for students who have at least a full year of ensemble playing and are familiar with reading music.

Here are some links to information about Mira Vista’s program and how music helps students learn.

Please contact Paul Allen, PTA Music Coordinator, at music@miravistaschool.com with any questions. Please note that Paul does not run the district program.