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Teachers and Faculty




Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade
SH and NSH
  • Ellen Schnur, Pre-K SH, Room 4, x 23533
  • Melanie Santos, K-1st grade NSH, Room 3, x 23508
  • Sandra Keller, 2nd-3rd grade NSH, Room 15, x 23515

PE and Music

  • Guy Sutherlin, PE, Room 28
  • Ms. Magid, Band, Room 28
  • Ms. Magid, Elementary Music, Room 28
  • Heidi Bartsch, Librarian, Room 16, x 23536
  • Max Driggs, RSP, Room 27, x 23527
  • Amee Evangelista-Marcayda, Speech, Room 03, x 23560
  • Bryan Maxum, After-School Program, Room 29, x 23529
  • Lindsey Nicholls, Speech, Room 5B, x 23544
  • Vanessa Rodriguez, Psychologist, Room 5B, x 23544
  • , RSP, Room 27, x 23527
Ms. Rossi has worked as a Resource Specialist for 15 years with WCCUSD. She established and coordinated a thriving Learning Center model at Tara Hills School. She serves on the leadership team of Growing West County School Gardens, a collaboration of garden activists working to promote school gardens in the district. Now a retired teacher who lives in the neighborhood, she works half time at Mira Vista teaching K–4 students with learning challenges. She is establishing her own Educational Therapy practice supporting the whole child for academic success. Ms. Rossi can be reached at graciella.i.rossi at gmail.com.