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Gofundme Page for Nature Bridge- Please Share!

Fourth Grade Raising Scholarships for Nature Trip — Please Share!

We’re sending Fourth Grade students on a 3-day environmental education trip in November, and we need your help!
Parents have made a Gofundme.com website to raise money. Please share it to social media, friends, neighbors, relatives or anyone who can donate or share it further!
Kids today are spending less and less time in nature. Research shows this “nature deficit” is linked to attention deficit, obesity and depression
Getting kids into nature is vital to their healthy physical and mental development — and to developing a sense of stewardship of the Earth that will encourage them to protect our environment.
We’re raising money to make sure every single fourth grader can go on the trip, no matter their family resources, through Gofundme, popcorn Fridays and much more. Any additional funds will be used to help the seventh graders go on a similar trip, and for future fourth graders.
Thank you for supporting our efforts!

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