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Principal's Welcome

Hello Mira Vista Community,

We are are so excited to see everyone on the first day of school! The custodial staff has been working diligently all summer in order to have the classrooms ready for teachers to set-up for the year.

We are expanding to three kindergarten and three first grade classes this fall, and due to this expansion, six classrooms had to move to accommodate the new classes. We are thrilled about the growth at Mira Vista and are grateful that the neighborhood is choosing to attend our great school!

We are welcoming some new staff this year in order to accommodate our thriving community!

  • Ms. Albinson is an experienced teacher coming to us from Washington D.C. who will be teaching Kindergarten in Room 30.
  • Ms. Carrousel is a long time district Kindergarten teacher who will be in Room 2.
  • Ms. Hillegass is returning to Mira Vista in one of the 1st grade positions.
  • Ms. Walker has over a decade of experience and will be the third 1st grade teacher
  • Ms. Spafford moved to 5th grade. Her partner in the 5th grade will be Ms. Dennis, who has been with the district for a number of years.

We are quite blessed to have so many talented educators excited about coming to Mira Vista!

As most of you know, Ms. Claire Wichelmann is our new office manager. She is a welcome addition to our Mira Vista family and if you have not gotten a chance to meet her, please make the time to do so. It is hard to take over an office towards the end of the year and I think everyone will be pleased with the new look and feel of the office after Ms. Wichelmann has had the summer to work on making the office clean, welcoming, and more efficient than ever.

Our opening procedures will remain as they have been, with us posting class lists on the front windows by the office at 4pm on Friday August 18. The morning bell will ring at 8:25am for all students on August 21 and our students will line up in their designated areas. Kindergarten will line up at the door of their classrooms with Room 30 lining up at the kinder yard before walking to their class; Ms. Albinson will be there to direct parents.  Grades 1-5 will line up at the appropriate number on the big yard, and the middle school students will go directly to their first period class on the third level.

One new aspect of our first day this year is that there will be a 73% solar eclipse beginning at around 9am. While I don’t think we would have voted for an eclipse on the morning of the first day, this is a wonderful chance to talk about the solar system and science in a tangible way. We will have lessons, use the older students to guide the younger ones and glasses will be provided for students. Safe learning is our paramount concern and we will take all precautions to ensure that our students are able to take advantage of this rare opportunity for experiential learning in complete safety.

This year we will continue our deep work with integrating technology into the classroom, utilizing the tablets we have for each child. It is our commitment that every Mira Vista student will leave our school ready to tackle any challenges ahead of them. Our scores this year indicate that we are doing a great job, with more students scoring advanced and fewer students scoring in categories that call for intervention.We expect to see this improvement continue. ‘

We are also implementing a new writing curriculum, the Lucy Calkins Writing program that we think will take our students to even greater heights. These are just a few of the many things happening at Mira Vista in 2017-18. With our incredible students and strong staff, we know this will be a great year!

Thank You,

Gabriel Chilcott

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