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Yard Supervisors Wanted

We have vacancies for Yard Supervisor positions and Mr. Chilcott is looking to hire immediately.  This is a 3 hour position that spans our recesses and lunches, roughly 10am-1pm. Perhaps you or someone you know would like to work part-time in the middle of the day- this might be ideal for a college student, retiree or an MV parent.  Must complete background/fingerprinting through WCCUSD.  The job involves supervising students on the yard and helping them make good decisions. If there is a disciplinary issue, the supervisor sends the student to the office or calls the principal as needed. It is a standing and moving position, so mobility is key. We have such a great school community and we are looking to add a few new caring adults to our staff.  To apply for the Yard Supervisor position, please contact Principal Gabriel Chilcott at:   gchilcott@wccusd.net

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